Friday, April 16, 2010

Remember SATC?

I have been weary lately.  I figure that it could be the heartbreak; the boring work; the unforseen expenses; or just perhaps the winter blues still lingering behind.   As much as I want to control these things, I couldn't. Because I know they're kaleidoscope of the universe.  The forces of nature that you just have to deal with until they eventually pass away...So for now, I'm hanging on and waiting for the dry spell to be over.

Last Saturday, as I was skimming over my personal stuff.  I came across old DVD episodes of Sex and the City - season 6.  I thought it was awhile since I last watched SATC.  Yeah, It was 2008 when the SATC movie was shown, and I realized how I loved the movie enormously.  I cried;  I laughed; I envied; I dreamed; while watching it.  It was the only movie that stuck to my head until now, and the only DVD original movie that I wanted to own no matter how expensive.  So when I saw the old DVD series, I galloped with joy to watch it.  And for hours, I glued myself to the tube, and almost forgot about my grocery schedule.

I loved SATC forever.  I was not the very expressive fanatic fan like the others,  but I was a real fan by heart.  While I was living in Toronto for a few months in 2003,  SATC was my escape from the vicious circumstances I was in at that time.  Everytime I watched it, I felt really good.  There was something about the show that uplifted my spirit, and I was sure others found themselves in the same shoes.  The sassiness. The humor.  The naughtiness.  The quotes and unquotes.  These were the ones that comprised the incomparably unique storyline of the series; And of course, the delightful backdraft of the city.  When the series ended in the early 2004, I missed the final episode. It was the same time as I was heading back to Vancouver to start a new life again.

To those who really don't get the series will wonder --  What's in SATC that has become the frenzy and icon to all women?  The shallow audience would think that there's a lot of non sense going on in there, as what the title itself conjures.  But for me, there's a lot of meaningful content in each episodes.  I see love, honesty, sincerity, loyalty, hope and faith...If one would just read between the lines, they can see and feel what I feel.  If a show makes me feel depress after watching, I'd switch it away.  But SATC has made me always feel up and great.  That's why I believe that it's full of positivity.  It's sad that the show has to end.

There's a good news though.  I learn  that the SATC 2 movie is coming to the theatres soon.  I'm so glad and excited again.  It's another retrospect of the series good old days. And I can't wait.  I'll surely won't miss this.

So that one saturday getting glued on the re-runs of SATC has made my week a whole lot better.  I feel beautiful again.  It's like I've never aged.  That's probably why women can't get enough of SATC, because it makes them feel young, at least at heart.

Incidentally, I'll be in New York this first week of May.  My first time in that city. And what I look forward to is getting the feel of SATC.  Woo Hoo!