Friday, August 20, 2010

Say the ABC (only when you're out of words)

I was digging in my old blog stuff few days ago, and I found this... I wrote this awhile back while nursing a boredom. So if you find this an applesauce, please discontinue reading. But if this seems amusing and funny, please go ahead. I hope it entertains your friday. Happy Friday!

Do you feel sometimes that you want to say something outrageous, specially at the peak of your emotions, but you thought it might not be appropriate? On some occasions, you just wish you can blurt out that “word” and that person in front of you will be puzzled, but still think that you’re cute... And then you can go on with your life without feeling so guilty...

Say you’re having a fight with your SO (significant other), and you’re sizzling mad all over. All you want to do is just say it -- without thinking. But you love him and your words will surely hurt. If your brain keeps telling you, “YSWYS (yea, sure whatever you say) !” Then go ahead why not say, “IDGAS(I don’t give a s***)...FOAD(f*** off and die) ...YSS(you suck severely) !”, as many times you want. Definitely, if he hasn’t heard these words before he’ll stare at you empty, and say, “WTH(what the heck)?”... Now you have a choice, either to continue saying these or OWTTE(or words to that effect); or just walk away –EOD(end of discussion)...Somehow you’ll feel better...

Most of the time, your workplace is where you desperately need lots of letters to drive away annoying people around you ASAFP(as soon as freakin’ possible). So if you’re really serious saying KMA(kiss my a**) but still want to sound TIC(tongue-in-cheek), then you can start saying, “MYOB(mind your own business)” with a smile. If still they insist to annoy while you're busy working on a deadline, you can tell them to “LMTFA(leave me the f*** alone)!”and “GTFOOMF(get the f*** out of my face)!” And TM(trust me), they”ll surely walk away OOSOOM(out of sight, out of mind) with their face looking like this “???????”...and you’ll be ROFLOL(rolling on floor laughing out loud) because you're not really serious after all...

Now you are approached by your PITA(pain in the a**) boss, who you imagine sometimes to be SBCN(sitting behind the computer naked). NTL(nevertheless), you have to deal with him in OARS(on a related subject), or sometimes OATUS (on a totally unrelated subject). You just have to pretend that you’re TCOB(taking care of business). If you’re having a hard time figuring out, remember the FAQ(frequently asked questions). Then you can tell him, “ILIWTPCT(I love it when the plan comes together) and rest assured there’s FM (fine magic) on the project!” For sure, he’ll be happy to hear that. Specially, if you tell him that you TGAL(think globally, act locally) first. Probably, he’ll say, “TIA(thanks in advance)”, and thinks that you’re really smart enough for a promotion. But don’t get so excited soon because he might be thinking that ROTBA(reality on the blink again) too...Probably, IAC(in any case) he thinks it’s IBM(inadequate but marketable) still. At least you’ve taken chances...

What if the annoying co-worker is your boss? OC(of course) you can’t say “GASP(go away silly person)!” or “KISS(keep it simple stupid)!”, because you’re afraid he knows these words. But then, you’re totally pissed-off because what he’s asking from you need SAR(some assembly required) and that you’re getting SOE(silly/stupid operator error) . After several try you’re SOL(still out of luck) . So now you feel that you’re FUBAR(fouled up beyond all recognition)! Or maybe, C&B (crash and burn) ! Then let it all out, say “GOMF(get outta my face) !" or “KMA(kiss my a**) !” again...

Don't worry. I think it’s NBD(no big deal) ! You're just having fun. And it’s just letters of the alphabet anyway. LOL

ACRONYMS – abbreviated coded rendition of name yielding meaning


Friday, August 13, 2010

Perseid 2010

It's two AM on a friday marked the thirteen,
my misty eyes driven to skip a night routine,
feeling the summer night's breeze nipping to my skin,
but i wont quit the yearning to see meteor gleam.

once as a child dreaming, seeking a shooting star,
that a wish ascends to the heavens fast and far,
truth or myth maybe, it wont hurt to try somehow,
so i'll take my chances not tomorrow but now,

slouch on this wobbling, flimsy chair my face up high,
and a headphone tuck-in with songs from a Wi-Fi,
while my iris fixate giddily through the sky,
waiting even just one sweep of the meteorites.

at past two forty-five, drowsy and still a no show,
though the vast midnight sky, seemed calm and unshallow,
even the constellation rigidly in tow,
yet not a dashing star snaps at a glance to soar.

wonder if i miss it, with its speed in a blink
or the wish i long to say is not mine to think,
but this rare moment is simply self uplifting,
that needless of shooting stars, i live to believe.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Amazing, amazing grace

I've known this song since I was a kid. I've sung it million times in school, at church; but it's never been this transcendent. And when I've heard it from this 7 year girl wonder, I've realized how meaningful a song could be. This much, is amazing as amazing grace itself...