Friday, June 21, 2013

My Blog

I've been contemplating about my blog lately. At one time I almost want to delete it, but I notice that I still have some followers reading over my old blogs, even reaching as far as europe and africa.  So I thought that maybe somehow, there's one among them that I've touched or inspired, one way or the other.

I remember  the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, when Abraham ask God  that if there are 10 righteous people living there, will he be destroying it.. and he said, "I will not destroy it for 10's sake"

And so I've realized, if there is one regular follower whom I'm inspiring with my blog, then I will save it and keep going when I can.  My only hurdle is how I'll keep up writing here with my very occupied life now.

 I remember someone invited me to blog about beauty and make-up, but I decline because there's already an overflowing of beauty blogs everywhere.  Although I believe I can share a lot being also an artist myself. But I believe that there are more important things in life than beauty and make-up.  And so, I've opted to stick around here.

In the coming days, weeks, or months, I'm thinking of sharing more about VALUES. I want my readers to categorized my blogspot as Educational or Inspirational. Because it seems that the more important things in life are being missed out these days...

...Specially, if you are raising a little child who looks at you everyday with questions in his eyes,
    and all you want to let him know and learn are just the good things in life...