Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Lenten Reflection: Does the Christian Church have a soul? - INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

Does the Christian Church have a soul? - INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

An article that I thought make so much sense.

I've read some inscription on the gnostic bible, particularly the gospels of Mary Magdalene, Thomas and Peter. I may or may not believe entirely what is written, but I respect the content. It's an eye opener, and houses another school of thought. To someone who is liberal-minded and believes in the mystery of God, will regard this article to be viable.

Faith itself is a mystery. Have you ever wonder why there's a pool of different religions around the world? Because I think we don't choose our faith, but it comes to us personally as a manifestation of our creator. So there should be no right or wrong religion. In the same way, that we have no right to judge or condemn someone's faith. It's how our faith is created to suit our uniqueness.

I am a Catholic my whole life, but there are teachings of the church that I believe otherwise. I've also joined several "converted" Christian group, and have had been almost converted.  But I resist, because of the doctrines that I reckon to be premature.  However, from the influences of these two faith, I live-by with the ones that I strongly discern; According to my personal relationship with my Heavenly Father, my creator.

I have a Russian couple friends that I consider a family here in Canada. They mention once that they're Orthodox. We never chat about our religion and faith, because I know that's a very sensitive subject to some.  I've never seen them practicing their faith either, or maybe, they're not to showy.  But I believe through their actions that they're  Christians.  At one instance, my Russian girlfriend utter, "We just leave everything to Him." Just that for me is a unequivocal expression of a faithful person.  Of someone who believes in a Higher Being; And whatever her description or definition of "Him" doesn't matter.

How our Creator manifest Himself to us is the greatest mystery this world would never know. Just like what's quoted on this article, "The kingdom of heaven is within us"

Faith conceives the soul...That's just what I thought.