Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just Dream

Do you still remember what you wanted to do when you were I child?  I do.  I wanted to dance.  I was 12, when I dreamt to be a ballerina...

I knew back then that I was born to dance.  When I was 6 years old I won a dance contest in class while dancing the swing with a little boy.  I didn't even know that swing was a popular dance during that time. 
Then when the school auditioned some 7 year-old kids for a shool performance, I stood-out among them and was personally handpicked.  From then on, I was a member of the our school's dance troupe.  During special events, somebody that I didn't know would come to my classroom and pull me out during class to dance.  And I would just find myself the following days performing on the school grounds in front of all the students or some school guests. And this went on until high school. But slowly faded, then slipped away...

To this day, when I see kids passionate with what they do, it strikes me.  Because once upon a time, I dreamt to be a ballerina, but I sadly,  I didn't live to be one.

To all parents: 

"When your kids dream hard, let them live their dream. 
Keep believing in them and stand behind them. 
For they'll never go wrong, And you'll forever be proud of them."