Thursday, May 26, 2011

Passion not Obsession

Though the weather in Vancouver has been really nasty (described by the weatherman as "lousy spring weather"), there's still something that's keeping us puffed up - the Canucks Fever.  I'm not really a perennial follower of them.  Not because I don't like them, but because I've never really been a solid fanatic of anything.  But this Canucks Fever is getting me really drawn to keep an eye on. Well, if it's all over the news day and night, who won't?

This is how the power of fans really work.  It's like reminiscing the Olympic moment.  When everybody was looking forward to the last, big Olympic game - the hockey.  And it was the first time I really sat and watched from start to finish.  Prior to that, I made sure I was through the day's errands and then I crashed at my sister's apartment to watch it. I even told them to drop everything and focus on the game.   And when that winning moment took place, I was a fan...So that was my short story of being a hockey fan.

Now that the race to "stanley cup" is heating up, and it seems that Vancouver is leading the race, Canucks fans are flocking the streets like loose cannons.  There's a certain  "re-living the olympic moment" feeling all over again.  And all images of passionate fans are captured on paper, TV, everywhere.  I see over excitement. I see much enthusiasm.  I see lots of joy. I see stupid crazy stuff too.  It's overwhelming... Then I wonder - how far can one go as a fan?

Is this passionate enough?

Is this still passionate? Or Obsession?

I think it's sweet to be a passionate fan.  But if becomes an obsession, that's when it turns really sour.

So how far can you go as a fan?