Friday, May 21, 2010

A night with 80s A-ha

The 80s decade was the best years ever to me.  It was where all the beautiful memories sprung...I was in high school where I was getting to know myself.  They said that the best things in a person's life was during adolescent years.  I believed that to be true.  Because of all the fun and wonderful moments that I'd remember and worth-going back memory lane, it was definitely my high school life.

There are hits during those years that really  has influenced music today.  IMHO, some of the best songs been revived lately are from the 80s band/singers.  And whenever those songs are played on the radio, I get to be overly sentimental.  In fact, sometimes I want to avoid listening to them because I become so lethargic.

So when my best pal in college broke the news about A-ha's farewell concert in New York,  I jumped in joy.  Besides the chance to peek at the interesting city, I got to really see one of the bands that painted one my beautiful  past--and of course - see them live on stage! Evenmore, up-close and personal.  Who wouldn't grab that opportunity?

I envy my friend for re-living her utmost dream.   She has been an A-ha fan since the time I've known her---a truly passionate, die-hard fan.  I've never been an avid follower of any bands, singers or celebrities.  I admire them at a distance, but not so crazy to get entangle with their lives.  I guess I describe myself as a reserve-type of fan.  But she, is the person I've seen so devoted through all these years to A-ha band.  Play one A-ha song and she'll name it in a sec.  Name the concert, the record, and the year.  She knows it. Ask anything about the band and she'd tell you a complete info and history of it.  That's how loyal & adeptnbsp;she's been with them!  And I'm truly amazed, because I know I couldn't be that kind of fan.

The A-ha concert was held last May 6-7, 2010 at Nokia theatre, NY...I didn't realize that there were other loyal fans we met out there who truly love them til this day.   Surprisingly, even the men followed them around, in and out of the backstage...And concert was an absolute stand-out.  The music; the gigantic LCD screen showing the evolution of their group, made me teary-eyed.  I almost couldn't contain my emotions.   I realized that eventhough I wasn't a fan, A-ha left an indelible mark in my heart.  Specially, when they sung the "Take On Me" song at the end of the show.  It was like I wouldn't want them to say goodbye, and couldn't believe that this was a farewell concert. Why? Now that I have an immense liking of them and their music after all these years.

Why is it that when one says goodbye, you realize how significant that one is.  Then you regret why you let the years slip by without taking time out to appreciate them...

As to my best pal,  she said,  " I'm so happy! Now I can move on..."