Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My valentine's day

It was a rare valentine's day that greeted me yesterday as I received a letter from world vision in the mail.  First I thought it was just a regular mail update from them.  But when I opened it, it was a sad news about one of my sponsored child.

The letter had a very interesting introduction about my sponsored child, Dember.   There was an initial concern while I was reading the first few lines, and I thought it would end up saying that a tragic event happened - that we lost him.  I almost wanted to stop reading because I was scared to learn of the bad news.

I've been with world vision since 2006, and I have two sponsored boys that I've been supporting and following up through the years. One in the Philippines, and one in Bangladesh.  With so much committment to provide sufficient education to these kids,  I become fond of them, and even grown to love them.  Everytime world vision sends me their  daily development reports,  I've accustomed to that feeling of joy to see how much the boys have improved by looking at their photos and reading their accomplishments.  It's like watching my baby sibling, or a member of my relative grow up.  And just like them, I've considered these two boys as part of my family too, though I haven't met them personally. I've been actually planning to set-up a visit through world vision to see Dember on my forthcoming holidays to the Philippines.

So as I continue reading the letter, world vision says that Dember has left their care to find  a job.  I couldn't help holding back my tears.  The boy is just about 15 years old, if my math is right...When world vision sent me his photo 5 years ago, he was just a little boy. Then the last photo I received, he's like 5'4 or more because he plays basketball...

Not only was I sad that he left the care of world vision, but I was even sadder to the thought that life must be really hard down there for him to make a choice - he chose work over school.  I feel terribly sorry for him.  How could a 15-year boy opted to work and quit school?  But then, there could be more significant reasons why he choose what he chose.

Finally on the letter, world vision says that they've selected another child for me to sponsor. And they've enclosed a photo of him.   It's another good-looking little boy from the Philippines.  They say that if I'd like to change or to cancel, I could always call their office.   But it's never my trait to refuse a blessing - "To whom much is given, much is expected"  I just hope this time, this new sponsored child of mine will persevere, and reap the fruits of my blessings later on in life.