Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy 125th Birthday Vancouver, BC!

Vancouverites are celebrating a special day today. And of course, there's lot of fun activities downtown.  It always delights me to hear exciting news like this because it reminds me of  bubbling Vancouver a year ago...

The global early news posted a question to the viewers this morning: "What's your memorable moments in Vancouver?"  As I heard this, the 2010 winter olympic popped up right away in mind. 

Yes, it was the winter olympic that was the most distinct to me because I'd never seen this city flocked by so many people at one time.  And the canadian spirit was so overwhelming!...Like I always say - it was viral...

Here's how I journalized it in my facebook account.

Little Red Maple Leaf by Myla Palisoc on Wednesday, February 24, 2010 at 9:47am

Red is the trend dominating these days in Vancouver. I'm not really a big fan of color red. But it reminds me of my mom. It's her big time favorite hue, and those times, I thought she's over indulging with it. But lately, I've realized red offers a lot of delectables in variety. When added with black, it creates drama. When mixed with bright colors, it lights up the mood. When matched with white, it definitely signifies distinction. That's why most flags have red color in it...Like this little red maple leaf with a white background.

It's just everywhere in town...A maple leaf mark on the cheek of a little girl; another on the muppet hat of that hunky white guy; on the hooded jacket; on the scarf; on a jersey shirt; on the shoes, wrist, and I wonder where else they've tatooed the maple leaf that's unheard of. And of course, not to forget the very apparent canadian flags that's standing at every named stalls or gizmos around. You name it. They flag it. Everybody is loving it, and no one can't get enough of it. Even me, the not-so-into-it person, is hooked up to this contagious patriotism.

I've never seen this much patriotism in my whole life. I find that these are patriots of a different kind. They're not people who are protesting to oust a dictator; or fighting for justice and freedom; or rallying for an important cause. But they are citizens who come together; raising their fist for their team, and cheering gold for their country. Wow! what a fun way to be a patriot. So overwhelming to watch; So ground-shaking. It gives me goose bumps.

I'm not usually a crowd person. And if there's any way for me to avoid it, I don't hesitate. I prefer watching from afar and gauge the outcome. But on this occasion , for some reason, this time I want to be there. I want to be one of them, because I sense a magnitude of positive energy. I want to feel it and have it too...And so there I go, been here with the crowd of canadians for two weekends now. No matter how stifling it is because of the long walk and wait, but I still merge with the over enthusiastic canadians.

The energy is just so enormous. The spirit is high. Again, it's contagious. It's infectious. Where in the world can you find a crowd that emits so much positive energy? Where else but here in the olympic games, I guess. Now I know why participant countries grappling hard to take their chance to host the games. It's because of the positivity it brings to their country. But do all these participant countries have the same degree of patriotism in their land during the olympic? Or is it just the canadians?

Nevertheless, it's a good feeling. And if patriotism is a contagious disease, I don't mind getting it. Because it makes me feel significant. When they see me wearing the red leaf, they smile. It's a confirmation that I'm part of their team. And why not? This is my foster home now.

In a few days, the games will close. Every Canadian will go back to their simple life in their quiet town. But everyone will always remember these days in Vancouver. The days where every single Canadian becomes a true patriot...

Well of course, I have a snapshot of my tiny olympic moment as well. I don't want to miss it --This once in lifetime positive patriotism in Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic.

My little red souvenir in downtown Vancouver.  The crowdest place on earth 24/7 last February 2010.