Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas cards: E or P

I know December is the busiest season of the year for everyone. Apparently for me, it's the most engulfing moments at work. Because besides my usual tons of to-do things, I have this big project to complete for the holidays --- the christmas cards and annual calendars. I'm not talking about just 50 christmas cards to send out here, but normally 250-300 pieces of cards and 100-200 calendars. And all these have to go out before the third week of December.

I've been doing this for the past 4 years, so working on this project should just be a walk in the
park for me. But for some reasons, I find this particular task always exasperating when the the holiday season steps in. So I'm glad that the management have decided to make changes in the christmas-card giving this year...From the traditional christmas cards, we're now switching to E-cards. I'm so relieved.

Looking for the right media wasn't difficult to do. It took me only about 3 weeks, including the waiting time, to find one and had it approved by our president. And I did it all online without the hustle of tucking in envelopes...So when I showed the finish product for everyone to see, their reaction was, "E-card??"...I don't know what that means. But it seems to me, they are surprise.

And why not E-card? Technologies change overnight. Just the 10" HP netbook model I've purchased a couple of months ago is now off the shelf, and for sure, that model will find its way to archives by next year. So the decision to switch to e-card shouldn't be a surprise to everyone, but rather, it's an expected transformation in line to this quick-changing time. Besides, I'm glad we've saved 75% cost of the traditional christmas cards, which I'm hoping will go to our bonuses this year instead. And most important benefit to me is that my work load has been reduced to almost half for the holiday season. Leaving me stress-free and pleasant-looking for the coming holidays.

So just as I'm excited to send the e-card next week with the click of the mouse, I've learned from my co-worker that my bosses are reluctant to send e-cards to our overseas Koreans and Japanese contacts. The reason for this, as relayed to me, is they won't be appreciated.

How ironic. Why wouldn't the e-cards be appreciated? It is a known fact across the globe that the Japanese and Koreans are the pioneer in advanced technologies we have today. They are the brain to the newest sony 3D television; the dynamic HD canon cameras; the most technologically advanced car--the Lexus? (according to answers.com); and other many modern gadgets and machines that I'm probably not aware of, or that we thought doesn't exist but are actually being used in their own backyards already. So why wouldn't they appreciate an e-card? Isn't this a by-product of their brilliant inventions?

Is the world torn between traditional and New technology? That sometimes people are getting confuse of who they are and what their choices would be, because there is a dilemma between the present and the past. And if they choose the one from the other, their life, work, belief and culture will be affected.

I wonder how many more people still consider themselves traditional. I know my parents are. But my dad (at age 66), if money is not an issue, will definitely grab the newest and most versatile vehicle out in the market. Me too, as much as I'm not very techy, is also indulging and drooling over the modern gadgets. And eventhough I have all the advanced gadgets I need, I'm still not contented. However, when it comes to other aspect of my life, I'm still strongly a traditionalist. I can't live without pen and paper.

The only people I know for sure who's still stuck in traditional ways are those living in the remote area of Asia and Africa. Those who doesn't have access to television or other media. As a matter of fact, even access to clean water is still a major concern that the modern world has left behind them. And digging water from the well with a bucket is probably their latest and only known technology so far. Their traditional life is merely predestined that they don't have a choice but to live with it. So, do you think they'll care if it's an e-card or paper card for christmas?

After what I heard, I told my co-worker that probably it would be good to go back to the traditional christmas cards next year if they have anxieties. I don't mind at all. But what bothers me is-- Why is it a big deal? E-cards or P-cards, it`s the sincerest gesture of passing-on good cheers for the christmas season that matters. So when they say it won`t be appreciated? I think they're missing the whole point.