Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kooky or Spooky

Have you ever been in an uncertain situation before? Where you wondered and tried to figure-out which came first, the chicken or the egg.

I found myself in one last week. I called it, a conversation-mishap. And I blamed it on the cloudy day.

One of my usual routine at work is to go to the bank after my lunch hour. Sometimes, if I need to do an extra errand, I take the full hour doing this. So on this particular day, I'm trailing from one errand to another. And my last stop is the bank.

It wasn't a busy day at the bank, and so the tellers were apparently pleasant. As I handed out the deposit slips to the teller guy, he asked me, "Is it still raining?"

I answered him doubtedly, "Why? Was it raining?", then I added unconciously, "I was busy at work. I didn't notice", with a slight chuckle...Trying to recall how my morning went, I knew my hands were really tied at work that I didn't realize the time at all.

He paused for a moment and replied back, "It was raining awhile ago..." Then the rest of the sentence faded. Halted me to make another reponse.

As he was about to finish the transaction, I realized I was clutching my umbrella.

So I didn't notice that it was raining? What's with the umbrella then? - I mumbled inside.

After he handed me back my slip-copies, I thrust my handbag towards my left hand where my umbrella was clutched. Then shielding my back from the teller's window, I headed out the door hastily.

When I trod down the sidewalk, I looked up, and saw that a few dark clouds were still hovering around. Then I looked down the ground, and noticed that it was clearly wet. I looked at my umbrella for a few seconds, and put it in my handbag...What has just happened there?